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Olive Oil from the Eleonas Estate in Greece

Olive Oil from the Eleonas Estate in Greece

Selecting the finest ingredients to serve is something that gives us great pleasure. Sourcing from local suppliers and growers wherever possible is something that we strive to achieve. When it comes to olive oil though, this can be something of a challenge! We are delighted to be able to offer a very special greek grown oil from the Eleonas Estate. The oil is grown and processes on the estate and optimized for quality and taste. The 2012/13 harvest was an excellent one, the estate not being adversely effected by the excessive rain in Spain and other parts of Europe.

This year the taste is slightly less peppery and lighter but retains the aromatic properties that make this oil so sought after. The estate tries to harvest slightly earlier than many others which may result in less yield but better quality.

Eleonas Olive Oil

Natural quality Eleonas Olive Oil

Olive oil is not just for salads but finds a place in many parts of the cooks repertoire, being healthier than butter and other oils. You can purchase a 250 ml bottle at the the Queen’s Head at £7.95.

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